MC7010 9-Axis iGyro™ Overview

MC7010 provides 9 DOF function with an ultra-small 3x3mm single package for consumer electronic market. It consists of a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer and a specially designed sensor fusion unit. Besides the accelerometer and tilt-compensated compass, it integrates the mCube patented iGyro™ engine supported by the optimized sensor fusion unit design, to provide an ultra-low power gyroscope function. MC7010 provides 9-DOF function for mobile phones, tablets, and other consumer electronic devices with competitive performance and ultra-low power.

Tech Specs

Part # Description Acceleration Digital Output # Bits Supply Current Package / Case Package (sqmm)
MC7010 9-Axis Virtual iGyro 8g 14 bit 200 uA LGA-16 3x3
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