mCube Recognized with Multiple Awards at 2015 MEMS Executive Congress

  • MEMS/Sensor Device of the Year – MC3571 Accelerometer
  • MEMS/Sensor Integrator of the Year – Dyna Image and mCube
  • MEMS/Sensor Executive of the Year – Ben Lee

SAN JOSE, CA – NOVEMBER 9, 2015 – mCube, provider of the world’s smallest MEMS motion sensors, today announced the company received three awards at this week’s MEMS Executive Congress for its significant innovations in MEMS and sensors. The third annual “Best in MEMS and Sensors Innovation Awards” are granted to individuals, organizations and businesses that have made a positive and substantive impact on the world through their MEMS and sensors technology. mCube was awarded “MEMS/Sensor Device of the Year” for the MC3571 1x1mm WLCSP 3-axis Accelerometer. Dyna Image and mCube were awarded “MEMS/Sensor Integrator of the Year” for their partnership for the DI5113 Light Sensor and Accelerometer in a single 2x2mm package. Finally, Ben Lee, mCube CEO, was recognized as the “MEMS/Sensor Executive of the Year”.

Best MEMS/Sensor Device of the Year

The MC3571 is the industry’s first 3-axis accelerometer which is less than a cubic millimeter in total size (0.9mm3). The MC3571 is only 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.74 mm in size making it 75% smaller than current 2 x 2mm accelerometers on the market today, enabling developers to design high-resolution 3-axis inertial solutions for products that require ultra-small sensor form factors. It features a Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP), making it smaller than a grain of sand. This achievement marks a major innovation milestone in the MEMS sensor industry and opens up new design possibilities for the next generation of sleek new mobile phones, medical devices, and consumer products.

MEMS/Sensor Integrator of the Year

mCube and Dyna Image partnered to integrate an Ambient Light Sensor (ALS), a Proximity Sensor (PS), a Healthcare Sensor (HC) and an Accelerometer into a single small package (2 x 2 x 1.05mm) sharing the same I2C bus, which is ideal for reducing board-space in compact products. The Healthcare Sensor includes both a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and a Pulse Oximeter (OX) which output raw data in a 24-byte FIFO. Dyna Image’s driver support enables stable and accurate measurement acquisition. The accelerometer is a 3-axis, high-resolution, low noise output MEMS device.

MEMS/Sensor Executive of the Year

Under the leadership of Ben Lee, mCube CEO, the company has dramatically accelerated its presence in the market to become an industry leader in MEMS motion sensors. By instituting a new product development system, Mr. Lee has expertly guided the company to rapidly expand its product offerings to address not only the latest smartphones and tablets, but also to provide solutions to the growing market for wearables and the Internet of Things. mCube reached a significant milestone in April 2015 by shipping over 100 million units in cumulative shipments of its industry leading accelerometer products. Additionally, mCube’s first half 2015 shipments had already equaled its 2014 total shipments due to the popularity of its monolithic single-chip MEMS design approach.

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