mCube Announces CallSense 2.0 Virtual Proximity Sensor Solution

Partnership with FocalTech Systems Enables Handset Power Savings

San Jose, CA, March 3, 2014 – mCube, an innovative monolithic 3D motion sensor company, today announced the general availability of the CallSense 2.0 virtual proximity sensor solution. This leading-edge solution combines an advanced software algorithm with a mCube silicon MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-Systems) accelerometer and a FocalTech Systems touchscreen sensor to enable power and cost savings, as compared to proximity sensor components, in smartphones and mid-end handsets.

The smartphone market continues to grow with over one billion unit shipments in 2013. The drivers for this rapid growth in emerging markets include the continued integration of other consumer categories (including music players, gaming devices, navigation systems, and cameras). This integration combined with the improved affordability, which has been fueled by lower BOM costs and chip vendor reference designs, will continue to drive their adoption and growth in the future. The mCube CallSense 2.0 virtual proximity solution is a revolutionary reference design which enables new functionality at a price point designed to stimulate further integration and cost reduction. In the past, smartphone vendors have utilized costly physical sensors components to perform face-detection during a phone call. The CallSense 2.0 solution utilizes the mCube accelerometer to recognize a phone-call gesture and the FocalTech touch panel to perform face detection. These two sensing functions are used to initiate the power-down of the phone backlight during a call when the phone is placed near a person’s face. This function enables power savings that result in enhanced battery life of the phone. When the user removes the phone from their face, the advanced algorithm will automatically activate the backlight and touchscreen for the user.

“CallSense 2.0 is a powerful solution that we expect to be widely adopted, especially in the emerging markets such as China, ” said Ben Lee, president and CEO of mCube. “This solution, along with our partnership with FocalTech, will enable our customers to quickly adopt call sensing in their mid-end phones without the expense of an extra proximity sensing component. “

The addition of touchscreen sensor from FocalTech increases the accuracy of the CallSense 2.0 solution in common usage scenarios, which include standing, sitting, and walking. The inclusion of the touch panel enables challenging usage scenarios such as detection when users are in a lying-down position while receiving a call.

“Power consumption has been a challenge as the phone market trends toward larger screen size. CallSense 2.0 solution enables the cost sensitive market to adopt the same power saving function mainly seen on the high end phones. ” said Dr. Genda Hu, CEO of FocalTech. “Together with mCube, we are excited to bring to our customers the extra value with this integrated solution.”

The CallSense 2.0 virtual proximity sensor solution is available today and can be obtained from the local mCube sales offices.

About mCube
mCube is a fabless semiconductor company enabling a new generation of motion aware consumer devices. mCube designs and develops a portfolio of highly accurate and cost-effective single-chip motion sensors that are utilized by consumer electronics companies to improve user interactivity and enable new motion-based applications. mCube is addressing a dynamic and rapidly growing market.

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About FocalTech, Ltd.
FocalTech Systems Limited is an IC design house founded in 2005, specializing in the R&D of DSP algorithm and mixed-signal circuit design for touch controlling and display applications, its products include Capacitive Touch panel Controller ICs and TFT-LCD driver ICs. Its operations cover all aspects of design flow, including IC design, process development, IC packaging technology, IC testing, product application development and failure analysis, etc.

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